Deltaloop MULTI 3,5-28

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DELTALOOP wire antenna for 3.5-28 MHz bands.

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DELTALOOP wire antenna for 3.5-28 MHz bands

To have very good radiation patterns, the antenna must be mounted horizontally as an isosceles triangle 20+20+20 m at a height of 7-10 m above the ground.
Caution - a vertically or obliquely mounted deltaloop has different radiation patterns, this mounting is not recommended.
The feed point of antenna is in the corner.

- radiator length 60 m
- suitable for 3,5-28 MHz bands
- antenna tuner required for operation
- 450 Ohm double line feed
- double line length 10 m
- if a coaxial cable will be connected between the tuner and the double line, we recommend to connect a 1:1 balun between the double line and the coax
- the coaxial cable should be of good quality and as short as possible
- weight 1,8 kg (in the version with CU-PVC cable)
- attachment for hanging