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Unun END FED CLASSIC. Suitable for END FED (EFHW) antennas - half-wave antennas fed at the end

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Product detailed description

Unun END FED version CLASSIC

Unun suitable for END FED (EFHW) antennas - half wave antennas fed at the end

- impedance transformation ratio 1:64 or 1:49 depending on the variant
- compensation capacity 100 pF / 10 kV

- input impedance 50 Ohms
- power load up to 300 W max (on digi, FT8, etc. max 150 W)
- mechanical design for hanging by rope
- PL (UHF) input connector
- antenna radiators are connected to M4 screws and secured with wing nut
- fasteners are stainless steel
- box dimensions 105x105x55 mm
- weight 0,4 kg