Windom 7-14-28 QRO

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Windom (OCF, FD-4) antenna for 7-14-28 MHz. Version CLASSIC QRO

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Windom antenna (OCF, FD-4) for bands 7-14-28 MHz. Version CLASSIC QRO

Mounting for hanging by unun.
Suspension by the ends of the arms only possible with the CU-HD version.

- bands 7-14-28 MHz
- arm length approx. 7+14 m (tuning by arm length)
- antenna wire according to variant - CU-PVC, CU-PE, CU-HD
- unun 1:6
- 50 ohm coaxial cable feed
- power load 300 W PEP max (on digi, FT8 etc. max 100 W)
- weight 0,8 kg (with CU-PVC wire)
- attachment for hanging
- PL (UHF) connector