1. Antenna wire

All antenna radiators are made of copper rope.

CU-PVC wire: Copper wires 29x0,25 mm, durable PVC insulation (-40 to +70 °C), black colour, total diameter 2,8 mm, wire cross-section approx. 1,5 mm2, tensile strength approx. 40 kg, well flexible

CU-HD wire: Very sturdy strong rope. copper wires 80x0,1mm. soul of 19 stainless steel wires. Polyethylene black insulation, weather and mechanically resistant, tensile strength 190kg, overall diameter 3.1mm. cross section of carrier core approx. 1.64mm2, cross section of braid approx. 0.64mm2, weight 21g/m

CU-PE wire: Copper wires 19x 0,25 mm,, Polyethylene (PE) black insulation, mechanically and weather resistant, tensile strength 40kg, overall diameter 2mm, wire cross section approx. 1 mm2, well flexible

CU-DX10 wire: Copper wires 24x0.2 mm, PVC-insulated (-40 to +70 °C), black, overall diameter 2.4 mm, cross section approx. 0.75 mm2, well flexible. Suitable for all wired antennas where high tension (pinching force) is not required.