1. Antenna wire

All antenna radiators are made of copper rope.

CU-PVC wire: Copper wires 29x0,25 mm, durable PVC insulation (-40 to +70 °C), black colour, total diameter 2,8 mm, wire cross-section approx. 1,5 mm2, tensile strength approx. 40 kg, well flexible

CU-PE wire: Copper wires 19x 0,25 mm,, Polyethylene (PE) black insulation, mechanically and weather resistant, tensile strength 40kg, overall diameter 2mm, wire cross section approx. 1 mm2, well flexible

CU-DX10 wire: Copper wires 24x0.2 mm, PVC-insulated (-40 to +70 °C), black, overall diameter 2.4 mm, cross section approx. 0.75 mm2, well flexible. Suitable for all wired antennas where high tension (pinching force) is not required.