Vertical Rybakov QRP

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Wire vertical Rybakov QRP. Suitable for hanging or mounting on a laminated 7 m telescope. Usable bands 7 - 28 MHz.

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Wire vertical Rybakov QRP.

Mounting for hanging or for mounting on laminated 7 m telescope.
Suitable for transmitting from nature (sota, wwff, wca etc.), from temporary sites, can be mounted on laminated telescopes and also
for permanent mounting when we need a very unobtrusive antenna that does not attract attention.

Usable bands 7 - 28 MHz.
An antenna tuner is required for operation.

The basic radiator is 6.4 m long and has good radiation patterns on the 10-28 MHz bands.
Extension of the radiator to 7.4 m is connected via a faston connector
The 7.4 m version of the radiator is suitable for the 7-21 MHz bands and already radiates upwards on the 24 and 28 MHz bands.

The transformer can be attached to a telescope or other object using tightening straps or plastic snap-on mounts up to 37 mm in diameter.
We recommend a 50 Ohm coaxial cable for the antenna connection, as short and high quality as possible (H-155, RF-240, RF-287, RG-213).

Also included are four 7 m long radials and flip-up plastic mounts for the 7 m telescope.

- 7-28 MHz bands (depending on radiator length).
- 6.4 m radiator length with extension to 7.4 m
- 4 x 7 m wire radials
- emitter and radials CU DX10 copper wire
- transformer with the possibility of hanging or mounting on a fibreglass telescope
- power load up to 30 W (10 W on digi, FT-8, etc.)
- weight 0,6 kg
- PL connector (UHF)