G7FEK mk2

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Small size wire antenna primarily for 3.5-7-14 MHz bands. With antenna tuner it can be compromised for use on other HF bands. Antenna suitable for small spaces with 1:1 balun.

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Product detailed description

Small size wire antenna primarily for 3.5-7-14 MHz bands.

Antenna for the lower bands 3.5 and 7 MHz suitable for small gardens, gardening colonies, cottages, holiday, but also fixed installation

The design includes two inverted L antenna radiators for the 3.5 and 7 MHz bands and a separate 1/4 lambda radiator for the 14 MHz band.
The radiator consists of a vertical section consisting of a 450 Ohm double line and two horizontal sections of 12 m for 3.5 MHz and 2.2 m for 7 MHz.
A vertical radiator of 5,3 m at 14 MHz is connected at the base of the antenna.

The antenna requires wire radials.
In the original instructions there is only one, this is enough for "functionality", but if you want an efficient antenna, more radials are recommended.
If the radials will be ground radials, they can be any length or preferably 1/4 lambda length on the lowest operating band.
If the radials are to be overhead, it is advisable that they be tuned, at least 2 per band. With one radial, directionality will be achieved.

- bands 3,5-7-14 MHz
- antenna power load according to the selected balun variant (300 W PEP or 2000 W PEP max)
- with the antenna tuner it is possible to compromise also on other KV bands
- two mounting points are sufficient for occasional mounting
- length of the double line 7,4 m
- mounting of the radiator on a suspension or with a laminated telescope
- attachment of the balun with plastic straps or stirrups to the tube (stirrups must be purchased separately - see related products)
- coaxial cable connection with PL (UHF) connector

Wires for radials not included