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Wire antenna dipole 2x15,5 m for bands 3,5-28 MHz, double line feed, 10 m double line in basic version, LIGHT version

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Version LIGHT.

Mounting for hanging behind the centre piece

- 3.5-28 MHz bands
- arm length 2x15,5 m
- tuning by antenna tuner
- CU DX10 antenna cable
- 300 Ohm double line
- length of double line 10 m
- if a coaxial cable will be connected between the tuner and the double line, it is recommended to connect a 1:1 balun between the double line and the coax
- weight 0.7 kg (including the twin line)
- attachment for hanging

On request, it can be manufactured with any length of twin line.
Increase the length of the twin line - put the desired amount of increase meters of twin line 300 Ohm in the cart.