Doublet LT

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Universal wire dipole antenna fed by a double line, length of the radiator according to the selected variant, in the basic version is 10 m double line

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Version LIGHT.

Mounting for hanging behind the centre piece

The 2x7m version can also be used without end insulators as a rotating dipole when mounted on 7m telescopes.

The length of the emitter affects the radiation pattern on the individual bands
In general, the 2x17m antenna can be used on all bands from 3.5 MHz
But due to the length of the radiator the upper bands from 21 MHz upwards already have a radiation pattern fragmented into many lobes.
Therefore for the upper bands it is better to use a Doublet antenna with shorter radiator length.
Recommendations with regard to the ideal radiation pattern:
2x17 m - 3.5-14 MHz
2x7 m - 7 - 28 MHz (the 28 MHz band is already very directional with more lobes)
2x4 m - 14 - 28 MHz


- 3.5 - 28 MHz bands depending on the selected variant
- length of arms according to the selected variant
- tuning by antenna tuner
- CU DX10 antenna cable
- 300 Ohm double line
- length of double line 10 m
- if a coaxial cable will be connected between the tuner and the double line, it is recommended to connect a 1:1 balun between the double line and the coax
- weight 0,75 kg (in 2x17 m version including the double line)
- attachment for hanging

On request, it can be manufactured with any length of twin line.
Increase the length of the twin line - put the desired amount of increase meters of twin line 300 Ohm in the cart.