Dipole 7 STEALTH

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Dipole for 7 MHz band, STEALTH version.

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Dipole for 7 MHz band, STEALTH version.

The lightest dipole variant suitable for transmitting from nature (sota, wwff, wca, etc.), from temporary sites, also suitable for fiberglass telescopes
It is also suitable for permanent mounting when we need a very unobtrusive antenna that does not attract attention.

Mounting for hanging behind the center.

- 7 MHz band
- arm length approx. 2x10.5 m
- antenna cable CU-UL
- size of centre isolator 6 x 1.5 x 0.8 cm
- end insulator size 16 mm diameter
- coaxial cable according to variant, length 10 m
- power load 30 W (RG-174), 100 W (RG-58)
- weight 250 g with RG-174
- attachment for hanging
- BNC connector at the end of the cable (Amphenol)

Antenna does not include balun. For outdoor broadcasting or the need for a light unobtrusive antenna this is the most suitable solution.
Alternatively, a Link Isolator can be included in the antenna lead.

Mastrant P-2 (1.6 mm diameter) or M-1 (1.3 mm diameter black) rope is suitable for mounting the antenna.
It is not recommended to stretch the dipole arms with great force during mounting.